Achieving Marketing Success

How We Help You Reach Your Goals
Business goals are as individualized as the company itself. Some clients want increased revenues while others seek customer retention. Some require start-up branding while others need only to maintain their strong brand identity. Regardless of the industry or the overall objective, our marketing approach is the same. We offer long-range solutions that are rich in creativity. When applied across multiple platforms, businesses succeed in their marketing efforts and goals are achieved.


Architecture, Arts/Humanities, Building/Construction, Consulting Services, Education, Entertainment, Financial Services, Government, High-tech, Human Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Medical/Health Care, Professional Services, Real Estate, Retail Sports, Telecommunications, Tourism

Marketing Strategy

How Planning Gets You Results
Marketing success comes from first identifying target markets and then pushing out the right message with compelling creativity that is conducive to that audience. Equally important is understanding which marketing platform is ideal for the type of person you are trying to reach. At Athena Communications, we don’t play guessing games with these factors. We conduct research and make a marketing strategy plan to insure we are on the path to optimal results.

Branding & Strategy Services:

Marketing Strategic Plans, Brand Identity & Logo Development, Brand Standards, Copywriting, Identity Systems, Key Messaging, Positioning, Tagline Development

A Team Effort

How Our Business Structure Benefits You
Our agency is highly collaborative. We are creative strategists, problem solvers and visual narrators. As an established team, we understand and utilize the strengths of one another while also being creatively stimulated by the group. This type of structure benefits our clients because we know who we are and what we do best. Today’s marketing landscape is complicated, which is why each team member works specifically in his or her area of expertise as a master in that marketing trade.

Creative Services:

Digital- Website Design & Navigation Development, Digital Ads, Digital Slideshows, Video,  Email Campaigns, Sales Presentations

Print – Advertising & Direct Mail, Brochures & Marketing Collateral, Magazine & Programs, Identity Systems, Product & Food Packaging, Sales & Press Kits, Signage