Creating a logo for a client is personally gratifying. It’s one of our favorite marketing tasks. We love capturing the essence of your company or organization in a simple yet complex concept. It is both challenging and rewarding, with fantastic results.

Success with a logo comes from our tried-and-true process. We’ll take you through a course of action that ends with a standout design and one that elevates your company in the marketplace.

When developing a logo, it’s important to have stakeholders be part of the process. A logo is fundamental to the spirit of the company or organization, which means it deserves input from those most closely involved.

A logo needs to accurately depict the company or organization, which sometimes means putting aside personal feelings. You might love chickens, but does it tell the right story? In order for a design to work, concepts need to be based in reality. We work hard to find the essence of your company and match it with the ideal design.

Athena will help you express in words your visual ideas. Adjectives help to steer the direction of the design.  You’ll be amazed at how words like happy, clean, organic, wise, masculine, tough and silly, help us to create the perfect design for you.

When working with clients on ideas, there are many diverse concepts around a central theme. We’re masters at coaching our clients and facilitating complex scenarios and thoughts.