Project Description

Zircon Container (

Athena Communications has a successful history with Zircon. Nearly 10 years ago, we built the company’s first website and updated all of its marketing materials. In 2015, Athena created a new website for Zircon to support new products to a broad range of identifiable industries. The simplicity of the navigation and clean design provide visitors with one-click access to the information relevant to their industry. Over time, the website has been enhanced with a chat button. An instant quote form was also added which increased the daily interaction between new and current customers.

A successful Adwords campaign has tripled Zircon’s customer inquires as well as brought in new customers. Athena created multiple digital ads, each targeting a different service with different keywords. We also tracked the results and modified the campaign according to analytics. Landing pages were created to track efficacy of the ads and keywords.

The success of this campaign is based on a solid understanding of the client and its target markets. Zircon has now moved all of its advertising from traditional media to digital marketing after experiencing an excellent return on investment.