Logo Design

Animas Surgical Hospital


Animas Surgical Hospital (www.animassurgical.com)

This top-ranked Durango hospital looked to Athena Communications to help it develop a strategy for growth. Beginning in 2004, Athena designed the new hospital’s logo. We also crafted and implemented a successful marketing communications program for Animas’ Emergency Room Services. This helped the hospital […]

FastTrack Communications


FastTrack Communications (http://www.fasttrackcomm.net/)

Athena Communications designed FastTrack’s logo over 10 years ago. We have enjoyed a long-term relationship with the region’s only fiber optic provider. We produced FastTrack’s first and second generation websites and we are currently working on a marketing initiative to expand the site and its […]

La Plata County Economic Development Alliance


La Plata County Economic Development Alliance (http://yeslpc.com)

Athena Communications designed the Alliance logo and its subsidiary brand “I’m from Durango”. These logos work together visually and are recognized as part of the Alliance’s initiative to brand products crafted in Durango and the surrounding region. Athena has enjoyed a […]

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